Peri Peri Hummus
Peri Peri Hummus
Peri Peri Hummus
Peri Peri Hummus

Peri Peri Hummus (150 g)

INR 200

Do you feel like hummus is a little too bland for your taste? Our Peri Peri Hummus is a must try for anyone who loves spicy food. The Peri Peri spice add a zesty new twist to this traditional Middle Eastern dish.

Health Benefits: This is the ideal snack for gym goers and health enthusiasts as it is a rich source of protein that assists in the development of muscles without any of the saturated fats and calories associated with meat and dairy.

Uses: Serve with fresh or toasted pita bread, as a dip for all kinds of chips or as a spread.

Main Ingredients: Chickpeas + Refined Sunflower Oil + Rosemary + Vinegar + Garlic + Sugar + Salt + Mixed Spices + Red Chilli

Highlights: Extra spicy & Vegan Friendly

Texture & Flavour: Full bodied with hits of rosemary and chilli

Shelf Life: 30 days (refrigerated)


Matilda LEWIS : Love the spicy hummus