Original Olive Hummus
Olive Hummus
Original Olive Hummus
Olive Hummus

Original Olive Hummus (150 g)

INR 200

Made with chickpeas, garlic, tahini and olive oil. Olive Hummus is loved the world over as a great any time snack or appetizer.

Olive Hummus - Health Benefits:

This is the ideal snack for gym goers and health enthusiasts as it is a rich source of protein that assists in the development of muscles without any of the saturated fats and calories associated with meat and dairy.

Uses : Serve with fresh or toasted pita bread, as a dip for all kinds of chips or as a spread.

Main Ingredients : Chickpeas + Olive Oil + Tahini + Vinegar + Garlic + Salt + Mixed Spices + Lemon Juice + Sliced Black Olives

Highlights : Vegan Friendly

Texture & Flavour : Smooth, Creamy, Rich, Goodness of Olive Oil

Shelf Life: 30 days (refrigerated)


Arun Lulla : Recd it probably spoilt as cold gel did not last long enough obviously by courier.