Homemade peanut butter

Are you wondering how to make peanut butter easily at home? Don’t worry we have got you covered.

Are you ready to make yourself scrumptious and delicious peanut butter in less than 20 minutes? We have got the best recipe that will add flavours and energy to your day. You can make the creamy peanut butter at home in just 15 minutes. It is incredibly easy to make the peanut butter at home. Most of time goes into roasting the peanuts, but this is an important part as it ensures that you get a smooth and creamy textured butter.

How to make homemade peanut butter?

Makes about 1 jar of peanut butter


2 cups of peanuts

½ tablespoon salt

1-2 tablespoon oil or peanut oil

1-2 tablespoon sugar or any other sweetener like honey


1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees F and put the peanuts on the baking sheet until they are slightly golden. Roast them for about 10 minutes. Roasting the peanut will give the peanut butter a deeper flavour and the blending of the peanuts would be easier giving you a smooth and creamy butter.

2. After roasting the peanuts transfer them to a food processor or a blender. If the peanuts are roasted then blend them while they are still warm. Run the food processor for a minute continuously, at this point the peanut butter will look a bit dry and gritty.

3. Run the food processor again for another minute continuously. Now at this point the butter will start clumping together, it not done yet you are getting there.

4. Blend the mix again for another minute continuously. Now the peanut butter will look more glossy and soft, like a thick peanut butter.

5. Add all the extras now to this delicious mix like the salt, oil and sugar. Sprinkle any other extra topping that you want over the peanut butter.

6. After adding all the other toppings continue to process the peanut butter until it is completely smooth. You can use this smooth blend now for anything and everything.

7. You can store up the peanut butter for at least a month in a clean and dry container. You can use this immediately and can be stored up in a fridge.